High CBD hash oil or cannabidiol as a non-psychoactive compound has proven to be very effective and has numerous health benefits and also acts as an antioxidant, neuroprotector and anti-inflammatory supplements for your body. There are different ways to consume CBD oil to boost your health. Each of them is varied and has their own pros and cons for its use. Some of them are


This is a very popular and common way to consume hash oil. Hash oil can be smoked with the help of two accessories. One is through the use of an oil rig which is a device that is used exactly like a water pipe or bong which uses a heating source to heat up the High CBD hash oil to a high temperature. The oil is vaporized and channeled through a water filtration source for cooling and then inhaled by the user in large doses for optimal effect. Another handy accessory to use for smoking CBD hash oil is to use vaporizer pens. The key is to apply small portions at a time to not block the pathway of the vaporizer cartridges. Note that both these accessories can expose you to smoke that is a cough-inducing and potent.

Pros: Doses can be easily managed and allotted for each session which helps in regulation of the product and saving the rest for later.

Cons: Inhaling THC smoke may result in a psychoactive rush while the smoke itself may agitate the throat and lungs.


Another way you could consume High CBD hash oil is through baked goods or mixed onto other foodstuffs. Consuming it raw may be the optimal method depending on the condition that you are treated for. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a doctor on how to induce it onto the food and whether it is preferable to consume it raw or cooked. It is also the most convenient method for those that want to avoid smoking.

Pros: Edibles have proven to demonstrate the longest duration for the medicinal effects of the substance

Cons: The effects can be intense for the user as cannabinoids are multiplied when it is processed into edibles.


CBD hash oil can be consumed through an eye-dropper of sorts which consist of infused liquid referred to as tincture. This is applied through squeezing the dropper under the tongue and holding it for around 30 seconds for maximum effect.

Pros: Effect is prolonged and is easily portable for carrying it aroundwhile traveling.

Cons: Recipe calls for alcohol or vegetable glycerin and thus needs extra supplies to be bought for use.

CBD hash oil can be applied topically to combat skin conditions and arthritis conditions. The THC is absorbed onto the skin; therefore, it is important to regulate the dosage before use.
Pros: Impossible to feel any psychoactive effects off skin contact and is very effective as 90% of it is used up by the body.

Cons: Effects are short lasting and tend to leave stains and marks on clothing and other home accessories.