When it comes to cannabis, there are several types of products available on the market. Still, amongst the most popular ones are the so-called CBD edibles. The term edibles stands for any food, candy, baked good, or beverage that has in its composition cannabis in a way in which it can be ingested rather than smoked or vaporized.

The most common CBD edibles are cookies, candies, chocolate bars, and brownies. Still, for several years now, people debated whether or not it is legal to have CBD edibles. And if it were to ask a San Diego lawyer, you will get the following answer.

San Diego lawyers about CBD edibles
San Diego lawyers advise that it is best to read the law carefully, as there are plenty of misunderstandings that can arise concerning CBD edibles. The recreational use of such products became legal in California back in 2018.

This was a significant turning point for the cannabis industry in the state, which boosted the production of CBD edibles, especially in SanDiego. Still, the law stipulates that the use of recreational cannabis in California is legal for both medical and recreational use.

But when it comes to San Diego, there are some confusions made on the topic of buying, cultivating, and using cannabis products. Mainly, cannabis is still perceived under the law as an illegal substance, which is why there are quite a few limitations stipulated in the law.

As such, the current law permits an adult to have only one ounce of CBD and grow no more than six plants. Rest assured, despite the constant efforts to deem illegal cannabis, the existing law doesn’tenable the government to reinstate cannabis prohibition in states that already legalized it.

Regulations for purchasing recreational cannabis in San Diego
San Diego lawyers advise that the law in San Diego allows adults older than 21 years to buy only one ounce of cannabis daily. At the same time, individuals are permitted to purchase up to 8 grams of cannabis-related products, or CBD edibles.

Still, you should know that the amount of CBD edibles you are legally permitted to have varies based on the type of product you purchase. Besides, you will have to visit a state-licensed San Diego recreational dispensary to submit a valid license or ID card, all of which are available on the California Bureau of Cannabis Control website. m

Keep in mind that any type of cannabis or cannabis-related product, including CBD edibles, must be consumed on private property. The existing law in the state forbids eating, vaping, or smoking cannabis in public.

If you want to access additional information about CBD edibles in San Diego, it is always best to ask the help of a San Diego lawyer. In this way,you will access all the information you might need about the existing cannabis law in the state of California.