Though cigarette smoking is harmful to the body and is written boldly on the packets of the cigarette, many cigarette smokers find it difficult to quit smoking, no matter what they. Some have embraced vaping CBD oil to help them quit cigarettes, and have succeeded, while many try other means, and end up, smoking cigarettes at the end of the day.

There is a belief that heroin addiction is easier to break than cigarette addiction, but using vaping CBD oil to quit cigarettes is very easy.

A lot of smokers want to quit smoking, as they don’t want to have their bodies desecrated by the toxins released when they smoke, but every attempt they have tried has failed.

Sometimes a smoker may stop smoking for a while, but relapse. Vaping CBD oil helps with quitting smoking, without the person relapsing in the future.

Studies have proven that before a smoker can quit smoking without using vaping CBD oil, the person may likely have to try for thirty times.

Inquire from anyone who stopped smoking, and you will hear the struggles the person went through. Research has shown that vaping CBD oil has helped a lot of smokers quit the smoking for good. Studies have proven that using vaping CBD oil has helped reduce drastically the number of cigarettes that smokers consume daily.

Will Vaping CBD Oil Aid Your Quitting Smoking Cigarettes?

University College London ran two studies to see if CBD oil will help people quit smoking, and the studies showed incredible results.

In the University College London research, the researches planned to see the endocannabinoid system’s role in nicotine addiction.

Twenty four smokers were used in the study, with 12 being given vaporizer that had CBD, and the others were given vaporizer with placebo.

They were all urged to use vaporizer when they had the urge to smoke and weren’t told to quit smoking. Those who took the placebo didn’t notice any difference in their smoking pattern, but those who took the CBD oil noticed that their smoking reduced by 40% in a week.

The test subjects shocked everyone, and quit smoking for a very safe option, vaping CBD oil.

Though the research into using vaping CBD oil to quit cigarettes may be little, there is great promise of it allowing you to quit smoking.

Mount Sinai Hospital’s Director of Addiction Institute, Prof Yasim Hurd, stated that CBD oils have great roles in allowing smokers to quit smoking easily, and prevents them from relapsing.

It isn’t as toxic as the cigarette.

If you want to end the stronghold addiction to cigarette has on you, you can easily opt for vaping CBD oil.

Take the CBD every morning before smoking the first cigarette, and the cues that make you addicted to cigarette reduce. As time goes on, the urge to light a cigarette reduces, until you despise smoking.