What is it about CBD patches that make them stand out from other traditional means of CBD intake? Are they more effective, simpler, and advanced than other means? From tinctures to intake through CBD edibles, or using topical means, there seems to be a disadvantage to any of these methods. One dilemma that CBD users or potential users have in common is the best effective means of intake of CBD compounds. This article seeks to clarify all the complexities associated with the use of CBD patches.

What are CBD patches and how do they work
Like all patches, the use of the CBD patch is a method of CBD intake that is applied externally on the body (skin). CBD patches contain a moderate dose of cannabidiol that has been infused in gel or oil and they are classified as transdermal patches. When transdermal patches are applied to the skin, mostly with permeation enhancers and carriers, the difference between the concentration of CBD on the patch and your skin aids the flow of CBD from the patches to the inner skin. Although, when using transdermal patches, CBD compounds find it hard to permeate the skin; this is because the skin is created to keep out toxins, contaminants, and other external compounds. This is why most CBD patches often come with extra permeation enhancers; it gives the CBD the extra push needed to the bloodstream.

Benefits of using CBD patches

Before you choose your method of intake of CBD, consider these following points:

Efficient absorption level by the body
With CBD patches you are assured of about 50% (without permeation enhancers) of the CBD compounds going into the body system and taking effect. This is an improvement on other intake methods like CBD edibles and Topical.

Quicker onset of effect on the body
Since the CBD patch will be applied directly to the skin, it immediately stimulates the skin under the application. Also, since the CBD is not further ‘broken-down’ by the liver, it has a faster period of effect in the body

A discreet and consistent way to apply your CBD
While the sight of you vaping or smoking in public places might seem uncouth, and the taste of CBD oils might be non-palatable, using a CBD patch on the skin would be the best respite. It offers a consistent supply of CBD to the area, and privacy to the user; as you can just wear the transdermal patch under your clothing.

How do you use CBD PATCHES?
Even if the science and discovery around CBD patches might sound complicated, using them is just as easy as writing A, B, C.

To use the patch, you need to
Remove the protective film
Place the patch over the area on your skin
Leave the patch on your skin for the specified timeframe listed.
An important tip to consider is when applying patches
Wash and dry the area of the skin the patch is to be applied on, preferably with an alcohol-based cleaner.
Apply the patch to areas of your skin that have more visible veins and less thickness of flesh; like the wrist, ankles, shoulders, back of the necks, and upper arms amongst others.
Apply transdermal patches to the specific source of pain.

It is also interesting to note is that; with CBD patch, you can simply increase the dose by just adding another patch. This can prove to be the most effective CBD compound absorption method for beginners and low-dosage users.