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CBD Oil for Athletes

CBD Oil for Athletes

At one side, the experts in the medical health industry are busy studying potential benefits of marijuana and CBD oil products for stress and pain management, many experienced athletes have already experienced its impactful results over traditional medications.

CBD Oil for Athletes

Recently, in the year 2017, the World Anti-Doping Agency issued an update about prohibited substances, and it brought a gamer changer concept to the sports sector. As per this announcement, cannabidiols were no longer prohibited. Probably, this is the prime reason why over the counter sales for CBD oil increased by the great extent in the past few years.

Earlier, people used to buy CBD oil for anxiety, stress, acne, heart disease, and pain management; but now market exploded with the rising demands of professional athletes as well.

As per recent analysis carried on the Cannabis industry, it is believed that the CBD market will rise to US$22 billion by the end of the year 2022. Note that, marijuana is now legalized in 10 states of America while Canada became the 1st most G7 nation to authorize the use of marijuana for recreational needs.

So now, as it is clear that athletes can consume CBD oil products, some of you might be eager to know what will be benefits of doing that. Well, there are so many benefits of CBD for hardcore athletes, few of them are listed below:

  • Speed up recovery:
    Athletes follow hardcore workout routines, and it further leads to some physical stress. If ignored so long, it can cause oxidative damage to the body and further cause huge harm to overall performance in the field. CBD oil products are recommended to speed up the recovery after a workout so that athletes can ensure better performance during hectic routines as well.
  • Pain management:
    Inflammatory pain is the most common trouble for athletes, and they are always in search of some safe and effective solution to deal with it. When your muscles work at their peak performance, they often face fatigue and pain while increasing the chances of injuries as well. In such situations, CBD oil can help to recover inflammatory pain. It can also treat the pain caused by kidney damage, gastrointestinal bleeding, strokes, and heart attacks as well.
  • Promote mood:
    Athletes often face stress, depression, and anxiety on fields, and these emotions leave a direct impact on their performance as well. In order to avoid the havoc associated with these bad feelings, it is better to consume CBD oil. This herbal product is capable enough to provide you deep relief while dealing with motivational disorders.
  • Lose weight:
    Few studies reveal that cannabis products can also help in weight management, and this property is really important for athletes. It can help you to get rid of stored fat while keeping your body more active and energetic all the time. With this, athletes can naturally perform better in the field.

Many professional athletes are already using CBD oils to enhance their performance; however, many others are waiting for legalization in their country. You can find several CBD success stories online.

Can Vaping CBD Oil Help With Quitting Cigarettes?

Can Vaping CBD Oil Help With Quitting Cigarettes?

Though cigarette smoking is harmful to the body and is written boldly on the packets of the cigarette, many cigarette smokers find it difficult to quit smoking, no matter what they. Some have embraced vaping CBD oil to help them quit cigarettes, and have succeeded, while many try other means, and end up, smoking cigarettes at the end of the day.

There is a belief that heroin addiction is easier to break than cigarette addiction, but using vaping CBD oil to quit cigarettes is very easy.

A lot of smokers want to quit smoking, as they don’t want to have their bodies desecrated by the toxins released when they smoke, but every attempt they have tried has failed.

Sometimes a smoker may stop smoking for a while, but relapse. Vaping CBD oil helps with quitting smoking, without the person relapsing in the future.

Studies have proven that before a smoker can quit smoking without using vaping CBD oil, the person may likely have to try for thirty times.

Inquire from anyone who stopped smoking, and you will hear the struggles the person went through. Research has shown that vaping CBD oil has helped a lot of smokers quit the smoking for good. Studies have proven that using vaping CBD oil has helped reduce drastically the number of cigarettes that smokers consume daily.

Will Vaping CBD Oil Aid Your Quitting Smoking Cigarettes?

University College London ran two studies to see if CBD oil will help people quit smoking, and the studies showed incredible results.

In the University College London research, the researches planned to see the endocannabinoid system’s role in nicotine addiction.

Twenty four smokers were used in the study, with 12 being given vaporizer that had CBD, and the others were given vaporizer with placebo.

They were all urged to use vaporizer when they had the urge to smoke and weren’t told to quit smoking. Those who took the placebo didn’t notice any difference in their smoking pattern, but those who took the CBD oil noticed that their smoking reduced by 40% in a week.

The test subjects shocked everyone, and quit smoking for a very safe option, vaping CBD oil.

Though the research into using vaping CBD oil to quit cigarettes may be little, there is great promise of it allowing you to quit smoking.

Mount Sinai Hospital’s Director of Addiction Institute, Prof Yasim Hurd, stated that CBD oils have great roles in allowing smokers to quit smoking easily, and prevents them from relapsing.

It isn’t as toxic as the cigarette.

If you want to end the stronghold addiction to cigarette has on you, you can easily opt for vaping CBD oil.

Take the CBD every morning before smoking the first cigarette, and the cues that make you addicted to cigarette reduce. As time goes on, the urge to light a cigarette reduces, until you despise smoking.

CBD Oil Vaping vs. Ingestion

CBD Oil Vaping vs. Ingestion

CBD oil is an incredibly promising substance when it comes to dealing with a wide range of health issues. Although it is extracted from the cannabis plant, CBD doesn’t trigger any kind of unwanted side effects, such as psychoactive effects or altering of one’s perception.

This is why CBD is suitable for people of all ages, at any moment of the day, and for almost any kind of health issue. But, if you do a bit of research about how to take CBD oil, you will see that there are quite a few options out there. You can ingest it, in the form of tincture, capsules, or edibles, or you can vape it, with the right kind of tool and special CBD oil cartridges. If you are familiar with vaping, you should know that things work in the same manner when it comes to CBD oil vaping.

Now, you may be wondering if it’s best to choose CBD oil vaping or simply ingesting products with CBD oil. Well, let us take a closer look at this matter and see which one is best. Of course, take these recommendations as they are and always have in consideration your condition and needs before making a final decision.

If you want to try a certain method when it comes to CBD oil administration, go for it, just don’t forget to pay attention to the results you will obtain, to see if it works in your case or not.

Why does it matter how you introduce CBD oil in your body? The answer lies in the bioavailability of the substance. In other words, only a part of the CBD oil you get inside your body, regardless of method, will actually get absorbed and will end up doing its job right.

When you ingest CBD oil, only 15% of the quantity you consumed will be absorbed by your body. This is why it may be harder to find the right dose that will work for you if you choose to eat CBD oil. This happens due to the fact that CBD is a hydrophobic substance, meaning that it will not dissolve in water. Therefore, it will not remain for too long in your bloodstream, as it will be quickly deposited in your body’s fat reserves. Besides this, the fact that the CBD oil will be through the liver first, before passing into your guts, will furthermore reduce its quantity.

When it comes to CBD oil vaping, you can significantly reduce the loss of CBD when it enters your organism. CBD oil vaping means that the CBD oil will be introduced in your body in the form of vapors, which are more soluble in water. With the help of vapors, CBD will go straight to your lungs from where it will be directly absorbed into the bloodstream. Believe it or not, but this method will increase the bioavailability of CBD to 50, even 60%. Thus, if you choose CBD oil vaping, you will achieve improved results with much lower doses of CBD oil and with no risks involved.

4 Ways to Consume High CBD Hash Oil

4 Ways to Consume High CBD Hash Oil

High CBD hash oil or cannabidiol as a non-psychoactive compound has proven to be very effective and has numerous health benefits and also acts as an antioxidant, neuroprotector and anti-inflammatory supplements for your body. There are different ways to consume CBD oil to boost your health. Each of them is varied and has their own pros and cons for its use. Some of them are


This is a very popular and common way to consume hash oil. Hash oil can be smoked with the help of two accessories. One is through the use of an oil rig which is a device that is used exactly like a water pipe or bong which uses a heating source to heat up the High CBD hash oil to a high temperature. The oil is vaporized and channeled through a water filtration source for cooling and then inhaled by the user in large doses for optimal effect. Another handy accessory to use for smoking CBD hash oil is to use vaporizer pens. The key is to apply small portions at a time to not block the pathway of the vaporizer cartridges. Note that both these accessories can expose you to smoke that is a cough-inducing and potent.

Pros: Doses can be easily managed and allotted for each session which helps in regulation of the product and saving the rest for later.

Cons: Inhaling THC smoke may result in a psychoactive rush while the smoke itself may agitate the throat and lungs.


Another way you could consume High CBD hash oil is through baked goods or mixed onto other foodstuffs. Consuming it raw may be the optimal method depending on the condition that you are treated for. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a doctor on how to induce it onto the food and whether it is preferable to consume it raw or cooked. It is also the most convenient method for those that want to avoid smoking.

Pros: Edibles have proven to demonstrate the longest duration for the medicinal effects of the substance

Cons: The effects can be intense for the user as cannabinoids are multiplied when it is processed into edibles.


CBD hash oil can be consumed through an eye-dropper of sorts which consist of infused liquid referred to as tincture. This is applied through squeezing the dropper under the tongue and holding it for around 30 seconds for maximum effect.

Pros: Effect is prolonged and is easily portable for carrying it aroundwhile traveling.

Cons: Recipe calls for alcohol or vegetable glycerin and thus needs extra supplies to be bought for use.

CBD hash oil can be applied topically to combat skin conditions and arthritis conditions. The THC is absorbed onto the skin; therefore, it is important to regulate the dosage before use.
Pros: Impossible to feel any psychoactive effects off skin contact and is very effective as 90% of it is used up by the body.

Cons: Effects are short lasting and tend to leave stains and marks on clothing and other home accessories.